Etereo Design

mirko sala tenna

Growing up in the quaint Alpine valleys of Italy, immersed in nature, surrounded by miles of glorious, untouched country-side is not just good for the body; it is undeniably good for the soul. In the vast expanses of green fields, mountains and lakes – in the presence of nature, humanity’s greatest teacher, was the beginning of an insatiable curious journey into the world of design and architecture. Playing with driftwood and stones eventually turned into building tree houses or makeshift dams - That’s when I understood there is so much to be discovered, the possibilities were endless and beautiful!

stefania digregorio

Ever since I can remember, I dreamed of becoming a dancer. I grew up learning and falling in love with several different styles of dance when I also found myself drawn towards the world of architecture. Dance and Architecture, two very intriguing and distinctive worlds – the dynamic flow of one and the structural physicality of the other. As I gained a deeper understanding of the two, I realized that these worlds weren’t as different after all. Being two creative disciplines, they correlate at several points both drawing inspiration from imagination in a unique and vivacious way - Intangible, magical and ethereal!